Ethel Fey

Well, I'm not sure what to say about Ethel Fey. There is a story here, that begins with Ethel entering the Miss Baggaraggs Beauty Pagent. I am not a person who condones this type of activity, and its festivities were conducted behind my back. However, When I saw Ethel I knew something was a foot.
I know she is feeling a little disapointed as she said this was her last chance due to the age requirements. I just shook my head. Evidently this has been happening for years.
She is 9 inches tall. Has a hook for hanging. If you are interested in having her, please email me at Price is 40.00 shipping is 6.00 first class

Gidget Beeware

I don't think Gidget would actually sting anybody. she has a rusted bell for a stinger so I believe she is pretty safe. however she does like sweet things so I'd hide the sugar bowl.
Gidget's body is 7 inches long not including her antennae.
If you are interested in purchasing her please contact me at price 30.00 travel fare 5.00 first class.SOLD. THANK YOU

Romans 8:38

Celebration that nothing can seperate us from the love of God. 5x7 acyrlic on canvas
Price 60:00 plus travel of 10.00 if interested kindly email me at and thank you always for looking at my work.